Fees & Payment

Understanding costs and payments is one of the top questions we receive. Hopefully
the following will offer some helpful guidance!

Project Based Pricing

Monarch Designs is a project-based design firm. When you open a project with us,
whether a single room or the whole house, the cost is based on a budget range
established and approved before the design process starts. This way, there are no
surprises with regards to the cost. In most instances, we collect 60% at time of contract
with the balance due at time of installation.

Retail Pricing

Monarch Designs has direct relationships with over 150 suppliers and manufacturers
internationally. Meaning, we purchase our products at wholesale and then sell them to
our clients at retail. There are no fees for the additional services we provide including
our design work and ideas, layouts, renderings, shipping and installation.

Retainer Fees

Upon approval of a scope and estimate, we may secure a retainer fee depending upon
the size of the project. The retainer is a show of good faith and covers the project’s
design, planning, rendering and selections. The retainer amount is applicable to the final
payment upon completion of the project. It is, however, non-refundable should the
project not continue past the design phase.

Hourly Based Fees

In some instances, we do work on an hourly rate basis. This type of work mostly
revolves around floor plan layouts and color/material selections for clients undergoing a
remodel. Examples of color/material selections include flooring, backsplashes, and
countertops and can generally be thought of as items that stay with the home should
you ever choose to move.

Complimentary Initial Meetings

We understand there can be a lot of questions regarding costs and process. It’s one of
the reasons our initial meetings are complimentary! We would love the opportunity to
meet with you, discuss your project and offer a scope and estimate for our work. Please
feel free to contact us! We would welcome your call.