Kitchen Remodel Part 2: Preparing For Demo

Once you’ve decided to move forward with a renovation, preparing your home and your family members for life under construction can take some effort! Here are some tips to set you and your household up for success.

Finalize The Design

Although changes mid-project due to unforeseen circumstances can always crop up, ensuring that your design is final before demo will minimize delays due to design shifts or changes.

Order All Materials

There is nothing worse than a job coming to a standstill while you wait for a part or necessary element. Whatever the scope of the project entails, try to have everything available and on-site prior to demo. 

Clear The Space

Whether it’s a kitchen or not, you’ll want to thoughtfully clear your space. While this includes large items like furniture, it also means removing décor and accessories and clearing out cabinets and closets. Even spaces that have closed doors will gather dust, so error on the side of more versus less here!

Stay Organized

If you have a generally unused space in the house, like an extra bedroom or storage garage, you can stage the space and your relocated items to be easily accessible. Try using a box for each cabinet and/or drawer and labeling it by location. This way it mirrors what you are used to. 

Protect The Space

Make sure your contractor intends to drape and section off the space with plastic. In addition, you may also consider covering the floors with either paper or moving blankets to avoid damage. 

Now, take a deep breath and let the games begin!

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