Kitchen Remodel Part 3: Selecting Materials

Selecting materials is quite possibly the most daunting—and time consuming—part of undertaking a renovation. Frankly, it is also the reason most people reach out for assistance! If you elect to go-it-alone, consider the following:

Create A Selection List (AKA Shopping List)
Breaking your project down into a comprehensive list will help direct your shopping efforts. Include everything from large to small. Meaning, not just the tile and light fixtures, but also the grout color and lightbulbs! A thorough inventory at this point in the project ensures a smooth—and quicker— timeline.

Select Your Focal Point FIRST
Consider which element will serve as the focal point. Often times, a key element—like a fireplace— presents as the natural choice and simply needs a facelift. Other times, it may be a certain “special something” that caught your eye- like a backsplash tile or counter top stone. Either way, knowing this up front sets the design up for success.

Build Around Your Focal Point
Once you have identified your focal point, all other choices should support and offer secondary interest. It can be tempting to select every element as if it were the most important piece. This can often confuse the space and stress the budget!

Collect Samples When Possible
If available, request samples of all materials so you can view collectively—and perhaps more importantly—in the actual space. In instances when you cannot attain a sample—like stone countertops—bring as much to the stone yard as possible to ensure an informed decision.

Order Everything!
Once you have your selections, double check quantities with your contractor and place your orders! Having everything on-site and available when needed will limit exposure to delays and backorders.

This is the heavy lifting on your end. However—once complete—you can sit back and watch the design unfold!

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